A sprayed in place Polyurethane foam roof is widely considered to be the only sustainable roof system when properly maintained. This means that the roof system will virtually last forever with periodic recoats.

High R-Value that provides a return on your investment through heating and cooling savings.

Things come apart at the seams, whether it is clothes or a roofing system. All the components in the Gaco RoofFoam system are spray applied to form a monolithic system.

A foam roof system is typically the lightest roof system on the market. A lighter roof directly translates to less stress on the structure of
the building.

Flashings are the primary source of leaks on any roof. With a self-flashing polyurethane roof system of Gaco RoofFoam that potential is eliminated. 

Commercial Roofing Applications – Gaco Western sprayed polyurethane foam can be used on both new roofs and retrofit projects. Sprayed foam is versatile, and can be used on roofs of all slopes and shapes to create a seamless insulating system. Foam roofing must be protected by an elastomeric coating suitable for that environment. The insulating properties of the foam, combined with highly reflective GacoFlex roof coating, reduce energy costs by keeping building interiors cooler in Hawaii's hot weather.

Residential Insulation – Superior home insulation begins by keeping outside air out, and inside air in. The more efficient the air seal the less money you have to spend on heating and cooling costs. Wall foam is sprayed into wall cavities, filling the nooks and crannies that ordinary fiberglass just can’t reach. Gaco Wall Foam provides the ultimate in air seal technology, helping to keep your dollars in your pocket. There is simply nothing better.